Monday, 28 January 2008

rösti. alternate title: ducky vs. the pile of spuds: ducky wins again!

Rösti (spuds, onions, rosemary, salt, tiny bit of chickpea flour) in truffle oil, because what's the point of having truffle oil if you don't use it? Bean puree (black-eyed beans, raw garlic, nutritional yeast, smoked paprika, salt, a few jalapenos), roasted tomatoes (in balsamic) and roasted carrots (in pomegranate syrup and apple vinegar and black pepper). Plus a little sprinkling of cacao nibs. I was a little worried that the different flavours would be at war, but everyone played nicely together and I'll be making this again, but with white kidney beans so it isn't grey. That would require actually having white beans on hand. This would be a good dinner party food, because all the veg can be made before hand, and I imagine I could, in theory, make it look very sexy if I stacked everything up a little more artistically and added something bright green, like a little kale. But I had kale for lunch. If I eat any more Brassica today, I will go mad.

dance track: theme to the muppet show on repeat.

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H said...

i am quite pleased that you chose to avoid the dread Mustard Madness associated with overconsumption of leaves such as kale. for then we surely would have been deprived of future ducky-triumphs sporting handsome photos and spicy descriptions...who knows what would have appeared here in their stead ... *gasp*!