Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Not much time, so I threw a squash, an onion, some garlic and a spud in the oven. And then a bunch of cherry tomatoes. I then went back to work for a bit, and when I felt the need to stop typing, I returned and blended everything but the tomatoes, added smoked chillies, cumin, nutritional yeast, lime and cocoa nibs, then added the roasted tomatoes. Soup! Soup with chocolate bits! ORANGE soup with chocolate bits! I think this is my new favorite soup. The leftover half butternut squash got mashed up with the same spices, plus coriander and maybe a tiny bit of cinnamon, plus some roasted red peppers, and I made little stuffed buns for tomorrow. I put cocoa nibs in the dough. I have a work shindig, and there will be no vegan food, so a friend and I are bringing our own fabulous picnic to make the omnivores jealous.

dancetrack: claude vonstroke


Taïca said...

I remember those delicious cocoa nibs! And you can imagine how happy it makes me knowing that they were used in a meal made to the hilarious sounds of Claude VonStroke :)

Vincent Guihan said...

Simply spectacular.

Tuimeltje said...

Soup with chocolate bits? So much fun!