Monday, 21 January 2008

more orange soup!

I do like orange soup. It's winter, it's grey, and orange soup makes me happy. I promise that I don't survive on soup alone. But for the time being, kitchen dancing involves a lot of soup. Here's celeriac soup made fancy and orange by saffrony goodness (celeriac, onion, spud, garlic, thyme, bay leaf, black pepper, salt, nutmeg, saffron) and some finely finely chopped salty spinach and garlic. I have leftover dressing from the kale rollups you see, so I'm taking salad for lunch tomorrow. This is one of the few times that I don't want dinner leftovers. The wraps were for a vegan meetup. My Darling was here, and the two of us looked at the menu for the meetup and realized there were no vegetables (except carrot cake). Being our stern and matronly selves, we decided to bring veggies. Nothing fancy. Several hours later, we ended up with something lovely. Rolled up in the kale leaves are: roasted garlic eggplant, smoked tofu, shiitake mushrooms done up in a little bit of tamari, butternut squash caramelized in white wine, maple syrup and sesame oil, plus some raw celeriac, fennel and red pepper, and cilantro. Also in there is tahini dressing (tahini, chiles, one clove of garlic - we were feeling restrained - tamari, maple syrup, pickled ginger plus a good bit of the vinegar in it, and smoked tofu, all put in the food processor). Darling claims that we can just eat the dressing by the spoonful and I've checked. She's right. The rollups were fabulous, though, and I think I'll be eating them all summer. Then, in keeping with the "nothing fancy", we made soba sushi, which is just soba noodles and some of the caramelized squash from above and some extra sesame seeds, all rolled up in nori. Here it looks like the noodles are making a break for freedom, but I assure you that they didn't get far. We just waited until we got to the meetup to cut the rolls into pieces. I like the way the end pieces looked like little green aliens with crazy glam rock noodle hair.

soup music: head on the door

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