Sunday, 27 January 2008

baby vegetables

Last night I was at a friend's house, ostensibly learning how to build a bike. This involves a number of exciting tools, some of which appear to be based on Klingon weaponry. I am very excited. Between the bike shop and her house are some lovely tiny indian groceries selling lovely tiny eggplants and okra and fresh coconuts and bitter melon. We were inspired and made a feast! A feast I tell you! Baby eggplant goodness: punchpooran, popped, then onions until browned, then tomatoes until mushy, then baby eggplants and okra and coriander. We just threw the eggplants and okra in the pan and put the lid on and let them cook on low heat until everything began to stick, then threw in some water and it deglazed everything and made a fabulous sauce. The bitter melon is just simmered in coconut, the coconut water, green chilies, salt, pepper and dry-roasted black cumin. On the side is baby mango salad (unripe mango, salt, lime, avocado, garlic, coriander) and the remaining fresh coconut with lime and salt. And yes, that would be the world's largest, bluest plate there.
feasting music: something turkish and plugged in.

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Michael said...

Actually, I would argue that it's a toss up between the plate being blue and the carpet being a deep burgundy.