Thursday, 10 April 2008

secret pizza

Potato crust pizza and new hoodie! I didn't eat the hoodie, but it did make me feel like a kitchen ninja because it is black and secret. I also have an apron. If you're very very good, I'll model it when I make something that goes with apron. Pizza crust (leftover mashed spuds, salt, wholewheat flour, rosemary, baking powder, water). I prebaked the crust, and while that was going on, I blanched some spinach and rocket and sliced up a pear. On the pizza: brie-like stuff loosely based on The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook (I used the seasonings, but used okara as the base), walnuts, spinach and augula, pear. Bake again to make everything warm. Oh yeah. The yum. I like the potato crust. I will do it again, probably often, perhaps requiring some sort of intervention in the future. I ate this with carrot sticks, and drank red wine out of a tumbler because the whole arugula/pear/brie combo was just a *little* too classy for me. I may or may not have used the carrot sticks to make vegan vampire fangs on myself during this picture. You'll never know.
pizza poetry: luna allison.


medici said...

oh my god! i am nearly crying as i read this, it looks so awesome!!! and what a hoodie! AND AN APRON???!!! *gasp* what a gorgeous pizza. i think that it needs to be added to a restaurant menu someplace near me. but what would you call it?

sinead said...

The Tatie Bogle?

Tuimeltje said...

Hmmm... Maybe I should find a way to hang out somewhere near you before that intervention takes place.