Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Ahem. In order to compensate for the last round of photos, taken with a real camera with actual daylight, I give you my worst-yet spycam photo, starring recovering-from-a-week-of-culinary-madness soup. M brought me some enoki (yay!) and then I remembered I had daikon (yay!) and red radishes (yay!). While rescuing the daikon from the back of the fridge, I found a zucchini snuggled up against it. They looked so happy together it seemed a shame to separate them. Soup (daikon, the smallest onion ever, normal-size shitake mushrooms, a bit of leftover red rice, dashi, white wine, mirin, soy sauce, ginger, zucchini, enoki). It is exceedingly rare that the odds and ends in the fridge on veg-box eve go together so well. Salad in a teacup (wakame and red radishes with lemon, miso, maple syrup and a bit of white vinegar).

Also, Hezbollah Tofu has not yet posted my yummy yet disturbing boudin. Harumph.

enoki music: serge gainsbourg


medici said...

mmMmmmmMMmm -- it looks steamy and good, perfect for a vampire-threatening edinburgh eve. i can barely see those enoki mushrooms, but they're there, nestled against the side of the bowl, looking all shy and cute and yummy. and we all await the debut of your boudin on hezbollah tofu!

Tuimeltje said...

I'm not much for mushrooms, normally, but this looks yummy.