Sunday, 27 April 2008

kimchi and more wild garlic

I found vegan kimchi! And when I walked past a veg store, there were little flowering bok choy. And then we found a whole field of wild garlic and onions on our bike ride today. So I give you pure happiness in a bowl: rice and barley. Two kinds of mushrooms and tempeh simmered in soy sauce, sake and mirin and then getting friendly with the wild garlic and onions and some ginger. Carrots, spuds and flowery bok choy in spicy korean bean paste. Kimchi.

Singing along with the soundtrack from Cabaret, and maybe doing the cancan.


medici said...


what a wonderful use of the wild garlic and onions! i'm a little bit jealous of what's in that bowl. i'll have to locate vegan kimchi this evening and give it a whirl. did you measure the rice, barley, and water? did you time anything?

sinead said...

I actually had the foresight to soak the rice and barley before we went out on the garlic abduction mission, so it was fast to cook, but no, I once again failed to measure or time anything. It was about 2:1 rice:barley for the soaking, then drained, then I just used enough water to cover it and cooked it with the lid on. I didn't make it all the way to the end of the Cabaret soundtrack, if that helps. I don't know if the cooking times change if you don't sing and dance for the rice.

Jake said...

I had no idea kimchi wasn't usually vegan! I thought it was just cabbage and spices and a year's worth of microorganisms. What am I missing?

sinead said...

fishy bits. sometimes there are fishy bits in the kimchi.