Wednesday, 26 March 2008

take me to your leader

There were these little round zucchini. They kinda look like fat little aliens, don't they? I could practically hear them saying "Take me to your leader!" in the store. So I beamed them into my veg basket and took them home. Here's a photo of them all lined up, completely ignorant of the fate that awaits them. I have included a manga postcard for scale, both in terms of size and cuteness. The alien zucchinni got stuffed with onion, celery, parsnip, kidney beans in white wine, sage, garlic, smoked paprika, capers and some chopped up olives. Here, you can see me sneaking up on the stuffed, cooked alien zucchini. They were yum. We had some gnocchi along with it. Rosemary gnocchi in lemon-garlicky goodness. I wanted something that made the lemon-garlic stick to the gnocchi that wasn't just oil, so i used okara, which was a damn good idea, if I do say so myself. It was kinda like making a lemon-garlic ricotta sauce, and not alien at all.

lulling the zucchini into a false sense of security with: the scissor sisters


medici said...

my goodness, these were cute little zukes!

they looked like a small herd of tiny green pumpkins with their cut-out hats at rest atop the filling. the zukes looked quite pleased with themselves, as did their fearless leader (as one can see!) -- and rightfully so, as the zukes tasted marvelous. the gnocchi, too! yum. good food and wonderful company and (hehe) great pictures!

Mindy said...

Those are the cutest zucchini I have ever seen ever.

Tuimeltje said...

Adorable veg, that. The bottom picture keeps making me giggle. Heh.