Wednesday, 19 March 2008

homage to the flying spaghetti monster

Spaghetti with turnip and spinach (wholewheat spaghetti with onions, garlic and turnip simmered in veg broth, a splash of white wine, nutmeg and black pepper) topped with magical tofu stuff (mashed up homemade tofu, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, mustard, salt, smoked paprika). A vegan Scottish CSA box friendly take on the more traditional Spaghetti alla zucca idea. But I had no squash and I DID have a turnip. And I just generally love spinach. This happens sometimes.


Tuimeltje said...

Spinach is good. Not that long ago I ate half a bag of that stuff per evening, the way other people eat crisps or something.

You should've put some pupils on the tofu. Eyes!

How do you make tofu at home? Does it somehow involve that soy milk maker thing?

sinead said...

yup. the tofu involves the soy milk maker. it's good fun, but i'm still toying with how firm to make the tofu. there are instructions on how to make tofu without a soy milk maker (if you're feeling really old school) here: