Tuesday, 20 January 2009

sprouts and mangoes and kale, oh my!

As promised... here's a fast sprout salad, ready to come to work with me. It's hardly a recipe at all, but it is one of my favorite way to eat sprouted chickpeas. Any orange fruit (or even grated carrots, or apples if you want) can stand in for the mango. The idea is to get something that's sweet in there to offset all the other crunchy, slightly bitter ingredients.

Kale and sprouts, blanched and cooled (you can blanch it the night before and put it in the fridge, or just run it under cold water if you're making this in the morning. 1 small mango, chopped and half an endive (uh, I just had half an endive lying around and it had to be used), I scallion, also chopped. Lime juice, roasted and ground cumin, sweet chili sauce, salt.

note: you don't have to blanch the sprouts and kale, but I sometimes prefer them this way. Sometimes not.

Must get to work on time music: Manic Monday, by the Bangles. Yes. I listen to the Bangles. I keep hoping someone will remake/remix walk like an egyptian (keeping the lovely grindy chords).


Anonymous said...

I now have some beans to start sprouting, And I'm looking forward to trying this sometime soon! I'll probably go with unblanched myself, and take it to school for lunch, where I can show off the cute little sprouts that I raised myself...before devouring them

Taïca said...

Awesome! We are trying to sprout oat groats, but chickpeas sound really tasty too. As for the Bangles, Kid 606 does a wonderful mashup of Walk like an Egyptian in one of his old mixes. Its full of warm conga drums and whistling. I'll see if I can't find it for you :-)

sinead said...

Really!!! I can't believe someone remixed Walk Like and Egyptian and didn't notify me! The nerve!