Monday, 2 February 2009

amuse bouche

Mmmmmm... swellegant. Fig, bloo pate and a sliver of the deepest darkest chocolate. Perfect for serving before a dinner party. Or just before dinner.

Bloo pate is reminiscent of blue cheese. It doesn't taste like cheese, but it does go well where blue cheese would, and is (as a bonus), minus the suffering and grossness of actual cheese. Bloo plate is strong, salty and fermenty. It's not for the weak of palate. The ingredients are: 1.5c of pinto beans, blended til smooth, 3-4 tbs of ume paste, 1 tbs of white miso, 2-4 tbs of nutritional yeast, pepper, a sprinkle of garlic salt, about a tbs of apple cider vinegar and a touch of agave. Optional tablespoon of tahini if you'd like this a wee bit creamier. Let sit overnight in the fridge. The next day, stir in 1/3-1/2c chopped seaweeds (I scored some fresh sea veg, but you could use rehydrated and chopped wakame). Taste. You might want to add a little salt, but I seriously doubt it.

Since we can't eat everything on figs and topped with chocolate all the time, here are some alternate suggestions: Bloo pate is great on sandwiches with apples and walnuts, on pizzas with pears and arugula, and in ravioli with either spinach or butternut squash. You can also stir it into tomato sauce to make a very rich rose sauce for pasta.

Swelligant music: Well did you evah? Written by the inimitable Cole Porter, but sung by Debby Harry and Iggy Pop.


Jake said...

Dude, wow. That's just... wow.

sinead said...

I'm working up to something. Stay tuned.

Liz² said...

*stays tuned*

and can I use swellegant? actually, I'm using it anyway, it's too delicious not to spread around.

sinead said...

swellegant is from Cole Porter. And anything Cole Porter said should be spread around, if you ask me. Go for it!

medici said...

I'm lunching on bloo pate with wholemeal bread, black olives, and brightly-scrubbed Scottish carrots - and it's so wonderful! It's mouthwatering and tangy and I won't feel gross later and (most critically) NOBODY HAD TO DIE to satisfy my desire for tangy goodness! Thank you for your wonderful kitchen inventiveness. I think of you as an ethical alchemist, and a generous one. Food trumps gold any old day.