Tuesday, 10 June 2008

too cool for rules

Despite Pythagoras and his highly amusing rules forbidding fava beans, maybe because they contain the souls of the dead, maybe because they look like testicles (ummmm...maybe Pythagoras had more experience than me in this department, but I just don't see it), maybe because they resemble the gates of hell in having no hinges, I found myself wanting them for dinner tonight. Perhaps it's just my rebellious nature. The man had some weird rules, and people have tried to work out his reasoning behind this on a number of occasions. As for me, I will cede all things triangle-related to Pythagoras, but I'm going to just ignore him on the whole anti-fava front. I'll let you know if it adversely affects my geometry skills.

Antipythagorean beans: chopped onion, a whole head of garlic, olive oil, an eggplant, vast amounts of *fava beans*, cumin, lemon, ras el hanout, pomegranate molasses, salt. Scooped up with potato bread (mashed spuds, okara, nutritional yeast, spelt flour, rosemary, baking powder). I forgot to take a photo, so here it is ready to go to work tomorrow, accompanied by some olives that miraculously escaped my olive rampage this morning, but only because they were hiding behind a red pepper, which will be made to pay dearly for harbouring fugitives. It too is coming to work tomorrow, where it will be eaten. In the background are my boobs getting their nerd on. We also had broccoli with tahini on it, but there is none left for the photo because there is never broccoli left because I love it so much. But I thought I'd mention it so that y'all know that I occasionally eat something green. You see, I am secretly afraid that my mother is reading this blog and is worrying that I live entirely on chocolate and fancy dinner party food. So, just for the record: I eat my broccoli. And sometimes other people's broccoli.

subversive, "i don't need your damn anti-fava rules to be cool" music: The Balanascu Quartet playing Kraftwerk.


Anonymous said...

Life would be dull indeed if we couldn't eat anything that didn't have hinges.

Jake said...

See, the thing about fava beans is that, while they aren't actually any grosser than lima beans per unit weight, they're considerably larger, so the total grossness per bean is increased. I don't know that a rule against them is justified, but I'd avoid getting cornered by them at parties.

Tuimeltje said...

Forbidden beans? They didn't tell me about that during maths.

What kind of things do you do with pomegranate molasses? I have a bottle, but I've rarely used it.

sinead said...

It's also good in lentil soup, and i have some other pomegranate molasses stuff on this site. salad dressing (olive oil, garlic, lemon, molasses). Or just mix it with vodka and bubbly water.

Tuimeltje said...

Thanks! I'll have a look around.