Saturday, 27 December 2008

christmas leftovers and vaguely persian pizza

Here are the munchies from before Christmas dinner. We had a traditional Christmas here in the Kitchendancing Cave. You know. Munchies (bread, olives, the dip below, and a white bean pesto dip) and poker, followed by a super late dinner, followed by sending the guests home with stockings full of breakfast for the next day (individual Ninja Ginga breads filled with marzipan, a clementine, Zimtsterne and some homemade truffles). One of the gambling dips got reincarnated into pizza tonight, and it was wonderful. The recipe said "serves 4", and I have concluded, based on the vast quantities of pate, that it seves four 18 year old boys who have been doing manual labour all day, and who aren't getting anything else for dinner. Needless to say, I had a lot of this pate left over. Pretty much anything spreadable can become a pizza sauce, and there's no reason not to scamper gleefully across culinary boundaries. So... this is vaguely persian pizza: Whole wheat pizza dough topped with a walnut/olive/angelica/pomegranite/herb pate (from my new Silk Road Cookbook, which is so damn sexy that it's nearly pornographic for a food demon like me), sliced japanese eggplants, and pomegranite seeds. I love leftovers. LOVE. We had this with a giant green salad and a bottle of Kelpie seaweed ale, and are building a roaring fire as I type. Mmmmmm. Lazy, comfy Saturday night at home.

improv pizza music: mose allison


Jake said...

I made your hot chocolate. It was awesome.

sinead said...

yay! don't you agree that it makes all other hot chocolates pale in comparison?

medici said...

The pizza was so memorable that I can still smell and taste it in my head the next day. It was the absolute bestest pizza ever!!! The other holiday nibbles (first picture) were also yum. But that pizza - with the green green salad and the dark Kelpie ale - was splendid. Silence descended as we bit into it. It was prefect for a cold dark Scottish evening. Now if only I could hone my Scottish firebuilding technique. Green in the salad, good. Green in the fire wood? Not so good.

The pizza made me nearly weep.

sinead said...

yeah. it was good. i'm thinking that i'm going to have to make that crazy olive spread often, just to make this pizza with the leftovers.