Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Ume yum

More Japanse/Italian delights from the Scottish veg box.

Whole wheat pasta with baked veg (okra, cabbage, onions) and ume sauce: ume paste, lemon juice, maple syrup, olive oil, shiso, salt. It ain't pretty, but it is yummy. And fast. And plummy. Fast and plummy are important when you're halfway through NaNoWriMo.

NaNoWriMo music: My baby loves a bunch of authors. from Moxy Früvous.


medici said...

Fast and yummy and plummy - it's a recipe to see one through not only Nanowrimo, but also to the end of Grant-Writing Hell.

This did look seriously simple and it was for sure seriously yummy. I also thought that it seemed seriously Scottish, until I was reminded that the only Scottish bits were the cabbage and the onion. And who knows, perhaps the cabbage was English, and the onion Spanish. Oh well. I blame astrology and the darkening days.

seitanismymotor said...

You have okra in your veg box? That's just awesome!