Thursday, 6 November 2008

I might be a party pooper

...but voting overwhelmingly to deny gay people the same rights as straight people takes the veneer of "progress" off electing a black president. One step forward, several steps back.

Anyway. No time for deep political commentary here. Must go have hot, out-of-wedlock queer sex. Over and over. Bye!


medici said...

I think that repeated, hot, out-of-wedlock, queer sex is the only appropriate response to most things, really. That, and cooking and eating delicious gorgeous fragrantly-tantalizing vegan eats. And sleeping. Oh, and also reading good books, and writing with dip pens, medieval ink, and mechanical pencil. And bicycles -- riding, fixing, and drooling over them ... and bogs. I love bogs. damn. I'll never get too much.

But yeah, the US results are a mixed bag, and I hope that people don't respond generally by "checking off a box" of self-congratulation and settling back into blithe acceptance of discrimination, both legal and not. Lip service just does not cut the mustard, unless it is lip service performed quite particularly in the context of hot, out-of-wedlock, queer sex, over and over and over.

TheUnsilenced said...

Complete bullshit, Prop 8. I don't understand what drives people to be such bigoted bastards that they would deny people happiness. What kills me is people talking about having made a "change" by the candidate they voted for, while they voted "YES" to more discrimination. There should be an entire planet designated to conservative asshats so they have their own planet to make a living hell.

Anonymous said...

What, no deep political commentary? Isn't there time for both hot out-of-wedlock queer sex over and over, as well as political commentary?

Maybe its just because I've kinda isolated myself from current events lately (don't watch tv, don't entirely trust our local newspaper at all times), or maybe this is just a little bit of Canada talking in me, but I though gay marraiage had reached the point of being a non-issue. I really didn't realize people were still fighting against it. I was kinda a little disappointed in humanity when I was chatting with a friend during the American election, and he brought to light that people were still so resistant to gay marriage. There is neither logic, nor compassion in such an arguement.

sinead said...

While being gay is less of an issue than it was even 10 years ago, we still don't have the same rights as straight people. This sucks (the lack of rights, not your comment), and is, as far as I'm concerned, blatant discrimination and homophobia.

People who are gay (or perceived as being gay) are still the victims of gay bashings (most recently at Washington U) etc. While it's certainly much much much better for most queers in the western world than it used to be, it's not what I would call "good".

Jake said...

Gay marriage is pretty much a non-issue here in Canada, but it's still a big fucking deal in the US. It's baffling to me, but apparently there is a huge segment of the American population that thinks queers are a threat to, um... something.

One state in the USA has legalized same sex marriage (down from two now that California passed Prop 8), and the fact that the world hasn't ended in those two states isn't sinking in elsewhere.

Buncha fuckers anyway.

On a plus note, all the anti-abortion ballot initiatives in this election failed, apparently. So boo on unequal civil rights, yay on women and girls not dying.