Sunday, 13 March 2011

bim bim baptastic

Ahem. This is soooo not authentic. But so far as I understand it, bimbimbap is "stuff on rice". And "stuff" means "a few different small things rather than one big thing". So, inspired by the recent opening of an *actual korean resto* in Edinburgh, which I want to eat at all the time, I made this:

Brown rice, topped with simmered tofu, spicy mushrooms, ginger-miso carrots, perfectly slimy okra, and kimchi. And maybe some pickled onions. YUM. Also, I have been out picking wild garlic, because, despite the craptastic weather, it is spring. Dammit.

The okra is from Asian Vegan Kitchen. It is perfect. Make it now.

Highly addictive tofu:
simmer together 2 tbs soy sauce, some sugar, 1 tsp ground sesame seeds, 1 tbs red wine, some chili flakes (I used urfa biber, cuz I wanted kind-of-but-not-really smoky). When the sugar has dissolved, carefully add tofu (enough for two people). When the tofu is cooked, add 1/2 cup wild garlic and 1 scallion, chopped. Let these warm through. Drizzle with sesame oil to taste.

Simmer mushrooms in soy sauce + mirin + kochuchang paste + grated ginger. Devour.

1 large carrot, grated + 2 heaping tbs pickled ginger, cut into thin strips. Sauce: 1 tbs white miso + 1 tbs lemon vinegar + 1 tbs pickling liquid from the ginger.

The next night, I might have made this again, only with greens instead of okra.

Also, I have made skully chocolates. The chocolates are not actually blurry, but my camera is acting odd. Perhaps it is afeared by the awesome scariness of my skully chocolates.

Bopping along to: Kung Fu Fighting! (getting tempered chocolate into those frikin' skully molds means) I was fast as lightning....


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I've been thinking about making the same idea of Bimbimbap..

Those chocolates are adorable.

Will said...

Hi Sinead,

We met a few weeks ago at the farmers market in Edinburgh and you gave us some great suggestions about which chocolate to go with whisky and you were spot on, thanks for that. Sorry about taking a while to drop you a line, we were busy in the UK and now back in Tokyo and just getting over the jet-lag.

The bibimpap looks great.Okra does rule as well. Was the restaurant you went to in Edinburgh called "Ongi." We went there and loved it, very authentic and pretty cheap. Sue being Korean was very happy.

Take it easy,

Will & Sue