Thursday, 23 July 2009

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Gentle readers (adventurous cooks). Science is a demanding mistress who leaves precious little time for blogging. Though I intend to sporadically update this blog, it will be quite rare from here on in. I'm leaving it up as a recipe archive. Enjoy, and see you when I retire (or get tenure)!

Fish balls:
okara, shitake mushrooms, chopped yuba, capers, garlic, wakame, soy sauce, smoked paprika, chickpea flour.

I ate this with kimchi rice (exactly what it sounds like) and a bowl of miso onion soup.

Now, excuse me. I have some extremely nerdy thoughts to think, some slime to pipette, and fitness landscapes to paramatize.

Dancing to: Nrrrd Grrrl. MC Chris.


Jake said...

*single tear*

Seriously, I will miss reading about what you're eating on a regular basis, but I do understand the impossibility of serving the dual mistresses of science and blogging.

sinead said...

Thanks sweets. It was actually pretty hard to decide this, partly cuz it makes me feel close to all my friends who live in north america... alas. we shall just have to remain close based on nerdyness instead.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything! You gave me lots of fun ideas for food experiments, taught me to make an awesome curry, and perfected my truffle-making skills.
Best of luck with the nerdiness.

From one of those Prairie Pirates.

sinead said...

Thanks, that's really sweet. I'll be making 2 zine-ish cookbooks this winter (for presents for family), and they'll be available for anyone who wants it (for trade or at cost)... one will be "Fancy food for fancy vegans" and the other will be "Chocolate is the answer to everything". So I'll keep y'all posted.

from an ex-prairie pirate.

Mihl said...

That's sad, I really enjoyed reading your posts! Your recipes were always very inspiring. But I totally understand!

sinead said...

....welll.... I *might* be gearing up to another chocolate god post. I seem to have started making my own chocolate bars: dark with exciting flavours and *drum roll please* vegan white chocolate that tastes good! It'll be a few weeks coming, but I will post it.