Wednesday, 17 June 2009

mole hummous

Best eaten on a picnic... shown here on pumpkin bread, along with various yummy fresh things from the farmer's market. Sweetums and I were out biking all day in the rolling hills around the Trossachs. Oh yeah. It was a beautiful spring day out, and we didn't see anyone. Not a soul. Everyone must have been inside watching tv or something. I was outside in the sun, biking along, having a blast, enjoying being in my body, and then having a wonderful picnic by a river. And I thought: being alive rocks. I wonder why more people don't try it?

mole hummous:

1 can drained black beans

1 clove garlic

fresh ginger (about an inch)

about a tsp ground cumin

about a tsp ground coriander

pinch cinnamon

jalopeno pepper

pinch smoked paprika


lots and lots of lime juice

2 heaping tbs cocoa powder

1/2 cup fresh coriander, chopped

blend! blend! blend! Everything but the coriander, which you should mix in later.  And then pack it up in, put in in your bike bag, and find a lovely picnic spot. 

music: don't fence me in, by cole porter


medici said...

I watched Kitchen Dancer assemble this on the fly -- it was brilliant! It was unbelievably tasty, especially when enjoyed outside by the River Avon (not the Shakespearean one) while watching threatening storm clouds blow just a little bit by us, leaving large sunny intervals at their fringes.

The picnic also included radishes (three colours!), sweet tomatoes, cucumber, kalamata olives, pumpkin bread, pink lady apples, and Willie's chocolate -- all arrayed on a bright coloured cheap tea towel from Italy.

Huzzah for the mole hummous!

Jake said...

Hrm. I was going to refry some black beans to put them between tortillas with roasted peppers and avocado and stuff, but maybe I'll do this instead before filling the tortillas.

sinead said... it, Jakey. You know you want to...