Tuesday, 3 March 2009

spring soup

Wild garlic! It's here! Yay! This soup is simple, and perfect. The mushrooms add a lot of depth, the black pepper gives it heat, and the whole thing is satisfying but unstodgy. Kinda like spring.

Spring soup:

boil up:
2 dried shiitake mushrooms
lots of galangal (um, at least 4 large slices)
some lemongrass (2 stalks, bruised)
lots of black pepper (at least a tsp, more if you like the heat)
anisseed (1 tsp)
shoyu to taste (2-4 tbs should do it, but make your food how you want, not how i want)
a dash of mirin
a leek, chopped
a medium spud, chopped
some mushrooms
a chopped carrot
chicken seitan

when the spuds are done, declare the soup done, take it off the heat, pick out the galangal and lemongrass chunks, add a bit of lemon juice, and stir in 1 cup wild garlic, chopped.

exhuberant music for exhuberant soup: king of spain, moxy fruvous.

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medici said...

Hey, a whole cup of wild garlic!!! This soup sounds right up my alley, *and* it's pretty, too. In fact, the soup recipe is making me want to take 2 hours tomorrow and look for wild garlic plants off The Innocent Railway, and if I get up early enough and get right to work, then I'll do that at lunch. What do you think about the combination of wild garlic and basil leaves on pizza? You'd probably be able to smell my kitchen out in the stairwell, even before opening the door!