Thursday, 14 August 2008

august is the yummiest month

The new spuds are arriving in the veg box, and there are plums everywhere. I've been eating raspberries for breakfast all week and having a multicoloured tomato salad at least once a day for the past while. August is the yummiest month.

Trufflespuds: Boiled new potatoes, scooped out and then mashed with truffle oil, salt and parsley and then restuffed into the skins and baked, topped with slices of summer truffle. OH THE YUMNESS! *ahem* The poor potatoes have to go through a lot (boiled, mashed and baked), but it's all very worth it. On the side you see purple stuff (onions,purple kale, ungodly amounts of garlic, godly amounts of chili, nutmeg, raisins, sprouted azuki beans)

Plum Cake: Self-raising white flour, polenta (about 1:2), brown sugar, salt, baking powder, okara from almond-soy milk mixed with water to a yogurtish consistency, almond essence, rosewater, apple cider vinegar, Victoria plums, itsy-bitsy plums (the size of grapes!).

music: kd lang. all you can eat.


medici said...

I can testify that the spuds are indeed godly. They smell better and better as they get closer and closer to the table, and then they're there, and then they're not (yum).

The cake is gorgeous!

vegandwhatnot said...

that plum cake sounds incredible- so delicate and Victorian-sounding. I gotta share with my friend, Keikaisu, who will adore this.
*sigh* plums usually taste like cardboard in Sask, even if you buy them from the BC fruit stands (because they pick them so early for travel). I've been craving good plums (and have never quite found ones good enough) for the past five years, since I had them in the Okanagan. Even when I went to Victoria, they were mediocre.

sinead said...

Cool. If you don't have okara, sub ground almonds in water. Just pour boiling water over about a cup of ground almonds until you have a sludgey mess, add a heaping tablespoon or so of either cornstarch, potato starch or glutinous rice flour, and you're good to go! You may want to go easy on the almond extract if you do this. You need something with some fat in it (like almonds), but you can't add free oil to this cake or it will be gross.

Mihl said...

Looks indeed pretty good! I love plums.